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Hohenwald, Tn



High Forest Clients 

This dog has got to be the greatest dog in the world. He has been nothing but amazing! Great temperament, loving, snuggling, great sleeper, uses potty pads and outside. We are just so happy with him. "The Chavez family"


Just back from the vet with Tuck, Dr Young said he was perfect in every way from his spine to his butt! She and the others praised you VERY highly for great kennel and healthy dogs! They talked about your caring philosophy towards all animals! They gave Tuck a total clean bill of health. Thank you

Don and Sallie Pollock



its been awhile since we've spoken but just thought you'd like a update on Toulouse! She's doing great. Every time we're at the vets for a checkup they can't tell us enough she's one of the most healthy, beautiful frenchies they've ever seen! And such a personality! She is so loving and wants to be everyone's friend. Every time we take her out for a walk she just has to tell everyone, human or canine hello. She's been a picture perfect part of our little family and we can't thank you enough for bringing her into our lives. We also name drop high Forest Rare frenchies like crazy, because we want everyone to know where we got such a cute perfect little French Bulldog. Thank you again for everything!

Sincerely, Kristin, Jacob and Toulouse Ginsberg 




my little girl is doing great. She is a very curious,active, and fearless girl and I think she is going to be quite intelligent. My wife has named her Bizzie Bea 'cause she's a busy bee. Not my first choice of names but happy wife=happy life lol my two chihuahuas are totally traumatized but they'll get over it. 

Thank you again 

the Kincer family 


We named the girl GiGi and the boy with the white on his forehead is named Kodak, and the last boy is named Steele. It took two months to name them. They have already brought us so much joy and they are great together, and Gigi can put those boys in there place..too cute! We love them

thanks for everything 



Pups pictured with our vet

Dr  Hyduke



Hi Denise! Everything went well they passed there

vet exam with flying colors! He said they were awesome

pups! (Which we already knew) ? They have adjusted so

well thanks to you. What awesome pups! We love them very

much ?❤️ Thank you so very much!

The Wink Family



John getting lots of kisses from his new frenchie family member 

Another happy customer 

The Lopez family with there new little girl

She's adorable! She's licking my nose and snuggling...love her so much, Denise! Thank you, thank you! She's so beautiful!JohnDeb Zimmermann Hard to keep my composure...she's so beautiful...and her personality is even more beautiful! Very well socialized, Denise! I don't know how to thank you! 

Rascal with his new family The Smithsons
The vet appointment went well.  She thinks he looks great and he was a huge hit in the office, everyone fighting to hold him.  He is indeed a sweetie pie.  He has done amazingly well with house training, a few tinkle accidents and no poop accidents!  We adore him and are grateful to you for all that you did to bring him into the world.  

We added a new family member!  Beau is a great addition to our family!  The kids absolutely adore him. He adjusted well to his new home. We are very pleased with our sweet new puppy!  Thank you Denise for such a great puppy!  Denise has great love for her dogs and puppies! They are well taken care of. We are all in love with our new puppy!  Thank you very much Denise!! 

storm continues to
do well and is being very loved by everyone here. My 20 year old daughter thinks
he should live with her in her new house...lol. Even my 16 year old son that
didn't think I needed a dog has spent a lot of time bonding with him. My 11 year
old daughter is absolutely in love with him. She didn't know we were getting him
until Jason handed him to me at the airport. Storm has really taken to her to -
if he hears her voice he is headed in that direction to find her.
Thank you for
blessing us with this little gem!!!
~ Dallis

Denise Sharp has a beautiful home for these Frenchies.  Owning and breeding
Frenchies is obviously her passion as everything is immaculate and the pups are
showered with love and the best of everything.  I can't speak highly enough with
regard to how happy we are that we opted for a pup from Denise.  She came highly
recommended and I now can see why!  Thank you, Denise, for loving these dogs and
passing on your passion.  You should be proud of the way you care for these dogs
and for the quality of your dogs/pups!  - Shari, Mike, Maddy, Wade, Zach, and
Blake, Alpharetta, GA

They all LOVE and ADORE him!!  He slept in his crate without a peep from 11:30
until I got up at 5:30.  He is a hoot this morning romping around a bit with
more energy.  Eating like crazy and he looks at us with these adoring eyes!  So
sweet!!  We all LOVE him!  Thank you for letting us add him to our family!!!! 
Couldn't be more thrilled."  

Date: 8/8/2013 8:24:07
Subject: Re: another
Hi Denise, 
Just wanted to let you know the pup arrived today and he is perfect! He's
playing and eating and everything :)! We are still working on a name.
Date: 5/21/2013 2:29:01
Subject: Re: Safe at
Hi Denise!
Just giving you an update on Pudge! He is such a great addition to our
family!! He loves being outside- we have to chase him to bring him in, lol. He
is my daughters beat friend and loves her so much! He follows her everywhere.
I've been getting so many inquiries about him and his markings and color. I am
truly in love! I tried to write a review on puppy find, but could not find your
info? If you give me your name, I can look it up again- I looked it up by city
and state and couldn't find it. Here are some pictures! Take care and thank you
Date: 5/23/2013 12:27:54
Subject: "Gorgeous" sent to
Kansas City, MO February 2013
I bought a frenchie from you in February of this
year.  I don't know if you ever get updates on the dogs you sell but, I wanted
to give you one :)  "Gorgeous" now known as Hank, is a great dog.  He has the
funniest personality of any dog I've ever had.  He definitely steals the ladies
hearts whenever I take him places.  Hank loves to go on walks with my boyfriend
and I (weather permitting of course)  and he loves to play with his alligator. 
He really loves other dogs too.  He goes on "play dates" with some of my other
friends dogs and loves it.  He also is very good at listening, can sit, is
housebroken, and is a cuddle bug.  He is definitely a momma's boy.  At a little
over 6 months old he weighs 18 lbs.  My parents also love him to death and will
take any chance they can to babysit.  Just wanted to let you know what a good
dog he is and he's definetly spoiled rotten.  Maybe someday we can do business
again lol  
From: Tina
Date: 5/14/2013 8:16:55
Subject: Re:
Hey Denise just wanted to let you know I took Cooper to the vet
yesterday and he passed with flying colors. Everyone instantly fell in love with
him. He is enjoying the big backyard and his new friend Harri. Thanks for
everything I just love him.
Hi Denise,
Just wanted to let you know Pocket and i arrive home safe and sound and she has settled in comfortably.  She is absolutely beautiful, sweet, loving and such a good little girl. she is even more than i expected. i can't begin to thank you. Will keep you updated.

Hey Denise:
I promise I AM going to send you some pics of our little girl (can't seem to remember the camera when I need to).  She just turned 4 months and I (we) are so in love with her.  She is soooo cute, so lovable, so good and so smart.  You did a great job in her breeding and we wouldn't trade her for anything!  Thank you...will send pics soon!

The puppy is fitting in with our family perfectly! She spends hours playing with our Chihuahua. It's so cute! I attached a couple pictures for you.
Thanks again!

Hi, this is barbara Hewgley, just brought home our precious new baby, after stopping in at wal mart and spending a small fortune on "toys" etc. Give me your email and I will keep you posted on her.
P.s. does she ever sleep...lol 

he's here 
Thanks for sending him in such a nice carrier.  There was another dog on the same flight that had a much smaller carrier and he was twice as big.
He's playing with my kids and seems to be happy.  I'll send pictures soon.
Thanks again

Bill Stanton

as im here laying on my heating pad playing tug a war with the dogs i thought of something i havent done in a while. now i talk about my dogs A LOT but chuey he was on his way to the pound when we got him so i cant praise his breeder but mama i sure can spread the word to all my  friendz where she is from. i found the most wonderful woman in Tennessee her name is Denise Sharp she was and is fabulous and her dogs are just as good.  if you or anyone you know is looking for French bulldogs or mabe you could get lucky and she has another litter like alice please contact her i cannot give her a high enough recomendation she and her dogs are awesome,dont forget christmas is coming have a good day friendz

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